Waterproofing A Construction Project: Tips And Tricks To Know

Waterproofing A Construction Project: Tips And Tricks To Know

It is monsoon season and you’re at home curled up with a book by the window when you suddenly hear water dripping from your ceiling. As you take a look at the area, the ceiling and walls have changed colour to a rusty brown and the paint has formed small bubbles. Surely, these are indications of insufficient waterproofing. 

Waterproofing in Singapore plays a critical part in every household. In fact, the potential risk of water intrusion into various structural elements can be problematic if neglected. Combined with a changing climate, water build-up on walls, ceilings and other surfaces leads to the development of harmful mould and defects like concrete cancer. This also raises health concerns for occupants inside the building. 

Proper grading of the site and waterproofing of the foundation by an expert waterproofing contractor are both fundamental for a dry building. Waterproofing is the application of an impervious barrier over the surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls, and other structural members during the construction of a building structure. The overall purpose of the waterproofed barrier is to stop excess water from penetrating internally thereby increasing the comfort and longevity of the property.

Which parts of your home require waterproofing

There are many places in a building property where waterproofing must be carried out simply because they come with plenty of crawl spaces for water to get in and stagnate. Kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, balconies, water tanks and swimming pools are some of the areas where waterproofing is necessary. 

Water infiltrates any open construction site from three root sources: rain, runoff, and groundwater. Additionally, the water from heavy rain can make its way into a construction site. The rain water seeps into the ground or runs off, following the pull of gravity.  

Hence, creating a sheath that is able to withstand environmental factors such as rain, runoff and groundwater will protect your building from water damage.

Important tips to consider for solid waterproofing

By following these tips during the construction process, you can safeguard your project against water exposure in the future.

1. Inspect for any faults in the walls

Prior to undertaking the daunting task of waterproofing, start with eliminating other possible causes of the structural dampness within the building. It may be a crack forming in the brick wall or condensation waiting to happen. Make sure to fix all these issues first and then move on to the waterproofer.

2. Use exterior paint

For waterproofing performance, you can use waterproofing paint. Make sure to choose a breathable formulation designed to allow walls to breathe and eliminate moisture. 

3. Don’t forget to caulk

One effective way to fill cracks and gaps between surfaces in the building’s window and door frames is caulking. The gaps are sealed against infiltration by bugs, water,and outdoor air. 

4.Protect with plaster additive

By choosing to plaster, the walls are strengthened and their visual aesthetics enhanced,  all while protecting them against moisture ingress. You can do this with a waterproofing admixture. 

5.Use waterproofing paint

In order to create a complete barrier, a specific type of waterproofing paint is available for exterior paint protection.

6.Ensure a water-tightness test is conducted

A water tightness test is conducted to evaluate the overall performance of the products used. If they are effective, it is a good sign that the area will be free of leaks. Water is sprayed on the wall within a time limit. This may take a few hours. Using a moisture metre, the level of moisture content is then detected and if the reading does not reveal any defects, the building has successfully passed the test. Thus, the structural adequacy of the building design is stable. 

Consult your waterproofing specialist in Singapore

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