The Importance of Roof Gutter Repair: What You Need To Know

The Importance of Roof Gutter Repair: What You Need To Know

When you are a homeowner, it becomes an absolute necessity to keep track of how the gutters function. Gutters are a narrow trough system that collects water that falls from the roof via vertical sectionals known as downspouts. It can be located on the edge of the roof and is usually attached beneath the shingles. The main purpose of roof gutter installation for your building property is to prevent rainwater from entering the shallow integrity of your home foundation. Without the presence of gutters, a roofing system remains incomplete. Roof gutters help with deflecting the water safely from the roof to the ground. In countries with abundant rainfall, such as Singapore, a gutterless or damaged roof foundation is unlikely to withstand the pressure of 2340mm of rain per year. Due to exposed water, the roof will start to erode leaving homes in a vulnerable state as a result of uneven floors, cracked ceilings, and walls with paint peeling off.

Components of a gutter system

As homeowners, if you are wondering what a gutter system looks like don’t be surprised to learn that gutters are not just single pieces of plumbing objects. Rather, it is a complex series of various mechanisms that work in tandem to safeguard your home from water intrusions. The different components of a common gutter system are: 

  • Gutter guards
  • Downspouts
  • Elbows
  • End Caps
  • Hangers
  • Pipe cleats

Signs of a broken gutter

  • Water starts to leak into the basement and collects around the base of the home building.
  • When gutters hang loose or if gutter bolts or other fixings are separated from the roof and have fallen on the ground.
  • If unwanted pests and insects such as mice and squirrels start to breed in the gutter, then it is a clogged one. 
  • The visibility of discolouration, dark spots, and moss growing on walls.
  • Overflowing gutters can cause them to come apart, leaving them in bad shape while blocking the drainage system.

How to take care of your gutters?

  • Clean your gutters regularly – It is recommended to clean your gutters weekly or every month. When this is done, you prevent the build-up of leaves and other debris if your home is surrounded by large trees or shrubs in the garden. 
  • Replace missing downspouts  – Obstructions like a missing downspout are not hard to miss and are fairly easy to fix. Being the vertical pipe attachment that moves water out of your gutters towards the drains and not your home, you can cut a new section of the downspout and secure it with U-shape brackets and screws. 
  • Fix gutter gaps and holes – If you find holes or gaps in the gutter, you can replace them with sheet metal by bending it lightly and pressing it into roofing cement that can be placed around the edges of the crevices. An additional coat of cement on the patch will solidify and secure the damage. 

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