Roof Restoration


Roof Restoration and repair

Why Roof Restoration?

The standard lifespan of a roof is 2 decades but even with promised longevity, roofs are often subject to harsh weather conditions and an accumulation of environmental debris. Due to such severe factors, many homeowners have been forced to carry out roof installation services way in advance of their 20-year lifespan.

Roof Leak Repair Singapore

Here at Roofwerks, a Singapore roofing company, we take great pride in mending broken and damaged roofs to restore them to their pristine conditions. Upon our first visit, our expert Roofwerkz contractors will first carry out a thorough assessment of the roof before executing relevant roof restoration services.

Our roof repairing services starts with us first cleaning your roof with high-pressure water jets to remove all dirt and debris leaving your roof looking brand new. Our specialists will also thoroughly check your roof for any defects, leakages or broken tiles before we proceed with the roof restoration. Broken tiles will aptly be replaced while existent and potential leaking areas will be waterproofed.

Roof Restoration - Painting
Roof Restoration - Painting Singapre
Roof Restoration Singapore

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