What To Do With A Roof Leak And Finding Someone To Fix It

What To Do With A Roof Leak And Finding Someone To Fix It

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and  noticed droplets of water falling from the ceiling? It can’t be the rain or heavy storms. Your house is well protected or so you think it is. Signs of leakage may not be easily visible, so the bad news is that you probably will run into a leaky roof situation. However, the good news is that the problem is easily fixable! 

But where do you start? 

Getting a qualified roof leak repairman in Singapore to attend to your needs can be difficult. What’s worse, the leaking water can cause an unpleasant appearance by discolouring the ceiling. Additionally, the water leakage can peel paint off the wall and the plaster to bubble up. 

If you are stuck with a leaking roof, here are some simple steps that will prevent the situation from deteriorating. 

1. Clear Out Leaking Areas

As soon as you realise that your roof is leaking, the first thing you should do is clear away all your belongings. This includes items inside your home and belongings that remain outside because roof leaks don’t move in a straight line. Roof leaks tend to creep into corners and ruin everything they come into contact with. 

Minimise the damage by moving the furniture away, your clothing and other valuable items from the area. If you spot any drips emerging from the ceiling, make sure to cover your furniture using plastic bags or large waterproofing materials. Items like furniture have fabrics on them so, there’s a chance for water to get trapped and create a nasty mildew odour. Take the right precautionary steps to avoid this from happening at all costs.  

If you are comfortable with using a ladder, make sure to clear out debris such as fallen leaves, tree limbs and branches from the roof gutters outside. If you don’t remember to clear the environmental debris, it can worsen the leak by causing mould to develop.

2. Limit Further Water Leaks

Leaving a roof leak unattended makes room for huge puddles and pooling inside your own home. This is dangerous with kids or older people walking about. If you manage to locate the leak in the roof, try to contain the water as much as possible. A larger bucket, pails, and other containing materials can help with catching droplets and reduce the puddles from developing nearby. Don’t forget to use a mop, old towels or clothes to soak up the remaining water. 

3. Tarp The Roof For Temporary Protection

Using a tarp is the  ideal temporary fix to cover the damaged part of your roof. A tarp is a strong waterproof material made of cloth polyester coated in polyurethane which reduces the moisture levels. 

When installing a tarp, you will need to stand on the roof which can be dangerous if you are not trained on safety protocols. Therefore, it is better to get a professional to do the job for you. Roof tarps can be fixed using adhesive glue or screw nails secured with wooden boards. You may use grommets, which are small rings or edge strips inserted to cover the edges of a hole through thin material, to ensure the tarp does not rip or tear while working. Also, follow the buddy system of having someone assist you to avoid accidents.

4. Seek Help From A Professional Roofing Specialist

A roof leak can be catastrophic for the items in and around your home and it can also pose a danger for your loved ones. So it is highly risky if you ignore or underestimate it. There will be too many problems you will not be able to detect or identify by yourself. Plus, the technical elements involved are too complex. Find the nearest roof repairing specialist in your area and start with repairing the roof early. They are experts at mitigating all possible roofing damages. With the right resources and application, a roof repair professional will examine the root causes, assess spots and fix it while also offering you maintenance tips on how to handle your roof from now on. 

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