Reasons Why You Should Fix A Leak In Your Roof Sooner

Reasons Why You Should Fix A Leak In Your Roof Quick and Fast

Keeping up with a home surely isn’t an easy task but it is highly rewarding. However, neglecting maintenance comes with serious consequences and can drain your wallet easily so it’s always best to attend to damages as soon as you notice them. 

A leak in your roof, for example, is a risky issue and should be fixed immediately as damage caused by the water can reach up to almost an 8-foot radius and can be dangerous to anything standing in its vicinity. Seeking professional help for a roof leakage repair in Singapore before the condition worsens is the best option and we’re here with reasoning.

Energy loss and potential fire hazard

Leaking roofs bring in a lot of moisture into the house, ruining the insulation. This can result in heat loss during the wet monsoon or cool air escaping during warmer days. If the insulation is left unchecked, energy loss will be at an extreme and will eventually pile up on your bill. 

Additionally, the water coming in through your roof could cause a fire if it comes into contact with your electric wiring. A potential fire hazard to the occupants at home is a valid enough reason for you to pay attention to your leaking roof.

Growth of toxic molds

Moisture in wood can result in rotting quickly, which leads to mold growth and fungus, and it can be utterly detrimental to your health. If the roofing is left to deteriorate, the mold will eventually spread into the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and will mix in with the air in the systems to form toxins. These toxic molds will go on to produce spores that contaminate the surrounding air and, when breathed in, can worsen asthma conditions and lead to other serious respiratory issues. 

Further damage can become costly

A small leakage in your roof can have a tremendous effect on the entirety of your house, as it allows the water to seep into the framework and drywalls. Any roofing with a weakening structure would need replacement but if prolonged, the cost is going to accumulate with time. Act fast and avoid the exponentially harsh damage it would cause to both, your housing and your budget as repairs would certainly only become more costly the more you postpone it. 

Structural deterioration

As mentioned above, a bad roof leak will eventually break into the framework of the house as well as the ceiling joints, simply due to the constant exposure of the woodworks to moisture. A roof, once built to provide shelter for you and your loved ones, may now begin to look more like a hazard as it bears the risk of collapsing as its structural support is weakened. The water may also seep into the foundation of the house and cause it to corrode from within, further posing a threat to the inhabitants underneath it.

Trusted Roof Leakage Repair in Singapore

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