Maintenance Program


Maintenance Program

Roof maintenance is the action of surveys done on repeat to all the areas of a roof should they be prone to any issues that show up later. Taking good care of your roof with a regular maintenance program recommended by the best roof specialist in Singapore guarantees your home’s biggest investment - the roof reaches its intended lifespan and beyond. 

Roofwerkz is able to design the maintenance program that suits your roofing requirements. Our qualified roofing specialists stand by surveying your roof at regular intervals. This can be bi-monthly, six monthly or annual inspections of your roof, gutter and downpipe systems. Our written reports together with the relevant photos, outline any problems, give recommendations on repairs and the cost associated with any repairs.

Maintenance Tools

  In our maintenance program, the following checks will be carried out at every inspection:

  •  Check for any cracked tiles, displacement of tiles or build-up of debris.
  • Check the old cement mortar bedding.
  • Check flashings, gutters and downpipes.
  • Check the need to re-insulate the ceiling.
  • Assess the need to replace individual tiles, re-coating or re-roofing.

A full maintenance program:

    • Ensures smooth functioning of the roof – A damaged roof will be the biggest hindrance to your home’s foundation if unchecked. Therefore, having waterproofing specialists inspect and analyse thoroughly on a maintenance basis will help stop premature failures far more than just dripping water.

    •  Gives lesser worries and generates a positive investment plan –  A good contractor has far more knowledge to determine when your roof needs a replacement. This way you and your family are fully secure. Plus, regularly maintaining a roof provides the opportunity to spot and diagnose a minor potential problem you’ve missed out before they come down to unexpected costly repairs.

  • Helps keep up with a clean roof – When you have a roofing contractor in Singapore check your roof regularly, they will point out how important it is to get rid of the debris and dirt. Be it tree branches, old leaves and other remains after a windy storm piling on top of your shingles, absorbing moisture and eventually rotting your roof.

In order to get the most of your roof, our staff can be contacted directly to schedule a free roof evaluation and provide a proposal for a maintenance program. Feel free to contact us.