Common Problems With Waterproofing And How To Fix Them

Common Problems With Waterproofing And How To Fix Them

It goes without saying that along with food and water, a roof above our heads is one of the key necessities for our survival. And if you’ve been dreading that next rainstorm because you’re afraid of a leak in a  specific corner of your house then you’re probably missing one of the most fundamental construction requirements.

Water leakage can be one of the most difficult issues to control for any building or home owner. If left unattended, it can significantly depreciate the property’s  value and eventually leave the premise unfit for inhibition.

However, proper waterproofing in Singapore is a sure-fire way to avoid issues that can burn a hole in your pocket.

Why Do You Need Waterproofing For Your Roof?

Repairing damage costs caused by water leakage in a building or home can be expensive. Plus, if leakages are severe enough to reach fragile items or furniture, they can add on to mounting costs. Water leakages can also pose a threat to your health, as mould spores growing on the damp stains on the walls can spread a number of diseases. Roof waterproofing in Singapore is a reasonable and effective measure you can invest in for the betterment of your property and to stave off mould growth

What Are The Signs Of Poor Waterproofing?

If neglected, waterproofing failure can prove to be costly. Nevertheless, if these distinct signs are quickly spotted, they can be worked on and you will be able to steer clear of major complications. 

1. The Roof Has Not Been Maintained Regularly

Clogged drawings or gutters and a build up of mould or water in the basement are some of the most noteworthy signs you can keep an eye out for. Stay cautious about any leaks and cracks near doors, windows or balconies as these areas are notorious for leading to major problems. It is best to act proactively as soon as you are aware of these signs.

2. The Wrong Waterproofing Membrane Has Been Chosen

When selecting a waterproof system recommended by a waterproofing specialist in Singapore, it is extremely important to ensure it is fully equipped with its respective sheet membrane, which is a thin layer of material or adhesive used to intercept water from coming in contact with another material. Taking into account how flexible the membrane is and also its resistance to harsh weather conditions and other chemicals is also considered to be crucial. 

3. The Leakage Has Been Incorrectly Diagnosed

Due to poor workmanship, the leakage may be incorrectly diagnosed. . This can eventually lead to the wrong product being used in an attempt to rectify the leakage.

What Can Be Done To Fix It?

Waterproofing failure can have a drastic impact on the safety and value of a building or house and therefore requires the immediate attention of a waterproofing specialist.

Seek A Professional Waterproofing Specialist

It is always advisable to allow a waterproofing specialist in Singapore to handle the issue rather than attempting to fix it yourself. Consider contacting an experienced waterproofing specialist to conduct an inspection around the building and go forth with their procedures if necessary. 

These experts will be able to assess the state of your roof and accurately identify the right products needed and use the correct techniques. Organising regular check-ups with them after waterproofing is also recommended in order to spot small leaks and other minor issues early on so complications can easily be avoided. 

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