Chengal Wood Decking Maintenance: Quick and Easy Tips

Chengal Wood Decking Maintenance: Quick and Easy Tips

With its overall warmth and grain patterns, it’s hard to miss out on the beauty of a natural wood deck. Chengal is the most sought-after hardwood in Singapore and other tropical countries. For many centuries the use of chengal wood decking became part of the buіldіng process of traditional Malay Terengganu houses that were built with fresh chengal. These heritage homes still stand the test of time and are over 100 to 250 years old. Infused with its rich history, these Terengganu-styled homes are used as resort villas in many touristic districts of East Asia. 

Quality of Chengal wood

Chengal is heavy and solid hardwood and the product of a single tree species known as ‘Neobalanocarpus heimii’ restricted to Peninsular Malaysia and the Northern Thailand region. It grows within the swampy tropical lowland forests. As an exceptional outdoor wood, chengal decking rarely rots when exposed to highly changing wеаthеr conditions, thereby making it a perfect decking material for open walk-out balconies, porches, and other extra-useful home spaces. However, most homeowners are not aware of how important quality is when it comes to chengal wood. 

A good quality chengal wood depends on where the wood was originally sourced from. With a well-defined colour, it is expected to be sturdy and heavy. Due to the high concentration of sap or sugary substance found in the younger chengal woods, matured ones are recommended for long-term use. 

On maintaining Chengal wood decking: Quick Tips

Well-loved and preserved by Singaporeans, chengal timber decking creates a comfortable and stunning visual space for any home. Occupants can use it as an outdoor entertainment area and spend their time with family and friends to celebrate vacations or party functions. While decking may be installed in both modern and traditional homes, here are some quick tips on how to maintain an extraordinarily versatile material such as a chengal wood deck that is worth the costly investment.

Avoid placing heavy furniture

Used for all kinds of outdoor applications, the chengal timber decking may not be able to bear weight beyond its limits. Heavy loads can damage the wood and break it completely. So, be very mindful and avoid placing hefty furniture over it. You cannot expect your outdoor deck to look as good as new unless you take care of it and maintain it. 

Consider regular maintainence

You spent thousands of dollars on that perfect chengal wood decking installation and therefore, you cannot allow it to fade, stain or make it look moldy. Apart from sweeping and cleaning, consider cleaning your deck with a cleaning solution, water, and a soft-bristle brush to scrub off any hard stains. You could also give it a re-coat with a specific deck coating so that the surface will not appear old, unkempt, and coarse with scratch marks.

Clean and get rid of debris

As an outdoor material, it is common for dirt, twigs, tiny branches, and other debris to fall and collect between the gaps of the timber boards. Make it a priority to remove all of them every week by sweeping and hosing down your deck. When old garden waste is left unattended, the wood starts to rot making it a breeding place for bugs and insects. 

Roofwerkz, your excellent choice for outdoor decking in Singapore

While there are a lot of important factors to consider, we recommend working with a credible source for your decking installation and Chengal wood maintenance. Roofwerkz is a qualified installer who can help you with the exact steps to ensure you get quality and matured chengal wood to grace your outdoor balconies and patios with aesthetic value. Call us today.