Awning & Decking


Awning & Decking

Awning – Awnings are effective and visually appealing in extending your outdoor living space.  A correctly installed awning can reduce the glare and heat from a hot sunny day or to prevent rain from entering the home.  It also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Now you can relax under it or entertain friends and family in the outdoor area.

Customers can choose from our wide selection of fixed polycarbonate sheet awning that offers skylight view, composite panels that block the sunlight, tiled or metal awning to match the rest of the house.

Timber Decking

Timber Decking – Chengal timber is a tropical hardwood material used throughout the Asian region since ancient times. While the wood is of low cost maintenance, most Singaporeans prefer it to adorn their balconies, porch entrance, and other outdoor spaces. 

Prized for its water resistant properties, chengal timber decking can perform well against any environmental condition. Extracted from the chengal tree, the wood texture consists of a bleeding sap that gives off distinctive colours. Due to high levels of sucrose (sugar) content, matured chengal wood has a longer lifespan than its younger counterparts. That is why purchasing chengal timber decking provides you an advantage with durability. The timber alternative material fights fungi attacks and other decaying processes too.

There are options to choose from: Balau or Chengal for that long lasting natural look or the eco-friendly composite wood that requires minimum maintenance.

Timber Fencing – Fencing marks the perimeter of your property.  It also defines the look of your house.  Timber fencing adds a certain charm to your house that brick walls and metal fences lack.  It makes a strong aesthetic statement and can improve the overall appearance of your house.

There are options to choose from: Balau or Chengal for that long lasting natural look or the environmentally friendly composite wood that requires minimum maintenance.

Whatever your preference, leave it to the professionals at Roofwerkz in Singapore to get it done the right way. Call us today on 6844 0044 to discuss which options best suit your needs.

Timber Fencing